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Top 8 Coworking Spaces in Brisbane

Prepared by OSDORO

Coworking spaces come in all shapes and sizes. Some are global brands with trendy interiors and countless locations. Others are luxury offerings with an exclusive, boutique feel. Still others are comfy and unpretentious with a touch of neighbourly charm. 

Even in a smaller city like Brisbane, you’ll find a variety of coworking spaces to fit your style, needs and budget. And Brisbanites are catching onto the idea that flexible work schedules, freelancing and remote work prove to have countless benefits while working from home or local cafes isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be. Coworking spaces are the answer.

When deciding on our list of the best options for coworking space in Brisbane, we based our top 8 on amenities offered, uniqueness, cost and popularity. So, here, we’re sharing our thoughts on these shared office spaces that made the grade.

So, without further ado, let’s explore some of the best coworking spaces in Brisbane.

1. Prospect Studios​

prospect coworking space brisbane

Prospect Studios is located in Fortitude Valley, just outside the Brisbane CBD and is undoubtedly one of the most top-rated coworking spaces in Brisbane.

A converted 1960s warehouse, Prospect Studios is as stunning as it gets. You’ll have the chance to be productive while surrounded by a like-minded community of creatives and entrepreneurs. With its vintage leather sofas, upscale vibe and premium location, Prospect Studios is the perfect combination of sophistication and free-spiritedness. 

At Prospect Studios, you can choose between open coworking or reserving a dedicated workspace. 

You can choose between a Hot Desk membership where you can come a few days a week or every day during business hours or Dedicated Desk memberships so you’ll always have a workspace waiting. You can also reserve a Private Office as they become available.

The space offers networking opportunities and social events as well as unbeatable amenities including:

  • Fully stocked espresso machine
  • Fresh fruit, tea and iced water
  • Meeting room with SmartTV and whiteboard
  • Secure swipe card entry and CCTV
  • Business address
  • Fibre optic internet
  • Air conditioning
  • Breakout spaces
  • Free bike and scooter parking
  • Regular cleanings
  • Internal garden atrium
  • Onsite shower
  • Dog friendly

Plus, Prospect Studios requires no entry fee to become a member and you’ll have a flexible, month-to-month contract. For a boutique coworking space in Brisbane, it clearly has everything you’ll need to do your best work. 

So, if you’re looking for a coworking space in the heart of the creative hub that is Fortitude Valley, Prospect Studios could be the perfect place for you.

Prospect Studios Price List

2. River City Labs​

river city coworking space brisbane

With a focus on tech startups and creative entrepreneurship, River City Labs is one of the best coworking spaces in Brisbane with countless opportunities for budding businesses to network and collaborate with the greater Brisbane business community.

Offering everything from Day Passes and Hot Desk memberships to Private Offices and Corporate memberships, River City Labs is more than a coworking space in Brisbane. It’s an incubator with the coworking space aspect being an added bonus to support their goals of bringing new Brisbane businesses to life.

At River City Labs, some of their top-rated services and amenities include:

  • Fibre broadband internet
  • Industry mentors
  • Meeting rooms
  • Quiet rooms
  • Tea and coffee
  • Printing facilities
  • Oversized work stations
  • Networking and industry initiatives
  • Collaboration areas
  • Startup benefits and discounts
  • Talent landing pad
  • Air conditioning
  • Lockers
  • Social club
  • Admin facilities
  • Growth programs and events
  • Kitchen facilities
  • Showers
  • Bike racks
  • Partnerships
  • Internship program

One of the key differences between River City Labs and some of the other coworking spaces in Brisbane is that they have specific requirements that must be met before you become a member. It’s how they’re able to curate their business community, offering members only the best of the best in terms of collaboration and networking.

To become a member of River City Labs, you must be:

  • A registered Australian business
  • A high-turnover business to afford a 12-month lease
  • A B2B enterprise-focused and platform-based business (mostly tech)
  • Less than four years in business
  • A team of 5 or less
  • Able to differentiate their product in the market
  • Able to demonstrate talent among founding members
  • Able to demonstrate an eagerness to sell and grow their idea
  • Solving a global problem

As you can see, these criteria are rather specific and therefore, River City Labs won’t be for everyone. Still, if you’re a tech startup looking for a place to take your business to the next level, it’s definitely the coworking space in Brisbane to check out.

River City Price List

3. The Cove​

the cove coworking space brisbane (1)

The Cove is a stunning coworking space in Brisbane, located in the inner-city suburb of Newstead offering luxury coworking spaces and private office suites. Perfect for freelancers and remote workers as well as small businesses and entrepreneurs, The Cove ranks high on our list of the top coworking spaces in Brisbane without a doubt.

One of the best things about The Cove is that they offer a variety of membership options. Work there only a few days a week or reserve your own private office to call your home away from home. In short, there’s a membership for everyone at The Cove.

Plus, the services and amenities offered to its members are second-to-none including:

  • Exclusive use of Cove car-share
  • Meeting rooms and boardroom
  • Coffee machine
  • Professional events
  • Beer and wine
  • Bike racks
  • Communal kitchen
  • Underground carpark
  • High-speed internet
  • Dedicated phone line
  • Wellness and fitness
  • Member discounts
  • Onsite printing
  • Lockable storage
  • Daily cleaning
  • Business concierge
  • Talks and seminars
  • Stationary
  • Showers and towel service
  • Bespoke furniture
  • Common areas
  • Refreshments
  • Community events
  • 24-hour access

Clearly, this laundry list of benefits is hard to resist and once you see The Cove’s gorgeous space, you’ll be dying the work there too. 

It’s not necessarily the cheapest coworking space in Brisbane, but it’s not outrageous either — especially considering all the perks and designer touches you’ll find throughout the space. The Cove is definitely a coworking space worth talking about.

The Cove Price List


wotso coworking space brisbane (1)

With locations all across Australia, WOTSO is an up and coming coworking space in Australia with two locations in Brisbane alone — one in Fortitude Valley and the other in Chermside. So, whether you’re after the city vibes of the Valley or the suburbia of Chermside, there’s a WOTSO for you.

Offering flexible Hot Desk plans where you pay by the day, Dedicated Desks to reserve a workspace you can rely on, as well as Private Offices, Meeting Rooms and Event Spaces too, WOTSO is a communal office space that has something for everyone. 

As for the perks and amenities of working from a WOTSO coworking space Brisbane-wide, they include:

  • 24/7 secure access
  • High-speed internet
  • Kitchen facilities
  • Mail services
  • Events
  • Meeting rooms
  • Printing station
  • Private phone booths
  • Beer and wine
  • Concierge services
  • Bike storage
  • Dog friendly
  • Storage lockers
  • Comfortable furniture

Again, with its various coworking spaces around Australia and its convenient inner-city locations in Brisbane, WOTSO is never far from public transport and all the other exciting things going on in Fortitude Valley and Chermside.

Simple, straightforward and exactly what you’ll need from a coworking space in Brisbane, WOTSO is a no-fuss solution for freelancers, remote workers and small teams.

WOTSO Price List

5. Salt Space​

salt space coworking space brisbane (1)

Offering Hot Desks, Dedicated Desks and Private Offices, Salt Space is another highly rated coworking space in Brisbane that’s worth checking out. Affordable prices and its lo-fi, no-frills vibe makes Salt Space a local favourite.

Located in the inner-city suburb of New Farm, Salt Space might not have all the bells and whistles of a more high profile coworking space in Brisbane but they make up for it in neighbourly charm, offering locals a welcome respite from noisy cafes or stifling libraries. Perfect for those who work on their own like freelancers, digital nomads and remote workers.

Salt Space’s flexible Day Passes and lease-free options have amenities included that range from:

  • High-speed internet
  • Chilled filtered water
  • Tea and coffee
  • Equipped kitchen and bathrooms
  • Social alfresco area
  • Monitor use, if available
  • Secure lockers for rent
  • Meeting room
  • Mail and parcel handling

Overall, Salt Space won’t be your super trendy, ultra-deluxe coworking space that you might be used to seeing in big cities. But, it certainly gets the job done and offers more of a tight-knit community for those who want a shared office space in Brisbane.

Salt Space Price List

6. Lightspace Studios​

Lightspace Studios coworking space brisbane (1)

Located above the iconic venue known as Lightspace, Lightspace Studios is a coworking space in Brisbane, nestled in the heart of Fortitude Valley. With lofted ceilings and stunning interiors, Lightspace Studios is certainly a sought-after coworking space and it makes our list for its boutique feel and major benefits. 

Lightspace Studios offers Dedicated Desks and Private Offices for rent but you won’t find Hot Desk memberships at this coworking space in Brisbane. Still, its perks outweigh this downside as you’ll get a small community of creatives to work alongside.

As for the services and amenities available at Lightspace Studios, they include:

  • Secure swipe card access
  • Fibre optic internet
  • Meeting room with SmartTV
  • Fully stocked espresso machine
  • Exclusive events and networking
  • Downstairs event space
  • Roof terrace with city views
  • Onsite management
  • Breakout space
  • Toilets and shower
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Nearby childcare centres
  • Unique common areas
  • Fully equipped kitchens
  • Mailbox and business address
  • Paid on-site parking
  • Fresh fruit
  • Air conditioning
  • Free beer fridge
  • Free bike and scooter parking

Another benefit of working from Lightspace Studios are their month-to-month leases, meaning you’ll never be locked into a contract for long. This flexibility along with its convenient location and amenities make it a no-brainer for Brisbanites looking for a premium coworking space in the inner-city.

Lightspace Studios Price List

7. Hub Australia​

Spaces coworking offices nyc (1)

Nestled within a stunning heritage building at Anzac Square, Hub Australia is a coworking space in Brisbane (with countless other locations nationwide) that’s got it all.

With flexible membership options ranging from Virtual Office and Hot Desk options to Dedicated Desks and Private Offices for rent, Hub Australia offers fully furnished workspaces with world-class amenities. 

Anyone from freelancers and digital nomads to small businesses and startups can find their footing at Hub Australia. Plus, its convenient location right in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD is the perfect meeting point for teams and collaborators. 

Some of the premium amenities and services offered to Hub Australia members include:

  • 24/7 access
  • Mailing address
  • Meeting rooms
  • Printing facilities
  • Business signage
  • In-house cafe
  • Media studio
  • End of trip services
  • Business events
  • Parents’ space
  • Fitness studio
  • Member kitchen

Clearly, you won’t have to go far to find everything you need to have an amazing workday, every day at Hub Australia. Prepare a hot meal, fit in a sweat session and host an investor meeting all in the same place. Not to mention, Hub Australia is also carbon-neutral certified.

All in all, Hub Australia is definitely a favourite among Brisbane locals and provides all the features and services you’ll need to stay productive and well-connected. 

Hub Australia Price List

8. WeWork​


And last but not least, we have the mammoth of all coworking spaces — WeWork. With four locations throughout Brisbane, WeWork is one of the most popular coworking spaces in the world, boasting hundreds of locations globally. 

Its impressive roster of offerings includes pay-as-you-go hourly desk rentals, Hot Desk memberships, Dedicated Desks and Private Offices, as well as large Office Suites and even Entire Office Floors for rent. 

Long story short, no matter whether you’re a solopreneur, freelancer, small business or booming enterprise, you can get your work done well at WeWork.

One of the best things about WeWork is that with a membership, you have access to all of their global locations. And each location has its own features and amenities.

At most WeWork coworking spaces in Brisbane, you’ll find amenities such as:

  • Bike storage
  • Mother’s room
  • Wellness room
  • Event space
  • Showers
  • Recreational games
  • Dog friendly
  • Outdoor space
  • Showers
  • Food hall
  • Screening room
  • Barista-made coffee
  • Conference rooms
  • On-site staff
  • Unique common areas
  • Phone booths
  • Business-class printers
  • Professional events and programming

WeWork has helped to create the world of coworking spaces as we know it and they certainly know a thing or two about providing the best of the best in coworking. So, no matter what kind of work you do, be sure to check out WeWork for a premium coworking space in Brisbane.

WeWork Price List

coworking space is simply a communal office that provides workstations in the form of Hot Desks, Dedicated Desks, Private Offices and more for various types of workers and businesses.

Within a coworking space, you’ll have flexible term options that allow you to pay for exactly what you need and nothing more. You’ll have just the right amount of workspace while sharing amenities and services like printing, mail handling and wellness rooms with others who work within the same four walls.

Providing a welcome alternative to working from coffee shops and libraries, coworking spaces bridge the gap between having nowhere suitable to work and leasing an entire commercial property when you don’t really need it. Perfect for freelancers, entrepreneurs, remote workers and small teams, coworking spaces seem to be the future of the way many people work, providing a productive environment and a like-minded community.

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