Working from home is a trend that isn’t going away anytime soon. There is a growing need to rent private office spaces, even if only for a short period of time, particularly in major global metropolises such as New York City. As a result, you may need to rent an office space in New York City. 

175 Greenwich St., New York City


Fortunately, osDORO has hundreds of private office spaces available to rent in that city alone, depending on your budget. You may require external office space for back-to-back virtual meetings, a change of scenery while working from home, or for peace and quiet. Or maybe a combination of all of these!

There are hundreds of these office spaces in New York City, so narrow your search by focusing on what amenities are important to you, such as 24/7 access to work environments, furnishings, snacks and drinks, proximity to transportation, mailing and printing services, and community programs and events.

Whether you’re looking for a place that emphasizes sustainable practices or a tech hub with learning opportunities, you can find a location in New York that fits your budget, needs, and professional goals.

Check out below our list of available private office spaces in New York.

Top 20 Private Office Spaces in NYC


1. One-person private office in Manhattan

100 Park Avenue NYC office space for lease
100 Park Avenue


Located at 100 Park Avenue, this office is ideal for a one-person team. It is fully furnished and has flexible rental terms. This private office is located in Manhattan, along Park Avenue, six minutes away from Grand Central. Desks here cost $420 per person. 

2. Small private office along Avenue of the Americas

101 Avenue of the Americas Regus USA
101 Avenue of the Americas


If you’re looking for some peace and quiet, this one-person private office at 101 Avenue of the Americas is just for you. Conveniently located three minutes from Canal St Station station and six minutes from Zeel International Store shopping centre, this office costs $600 per person.

3. Quiet private office at 109 South 5th Street

109 South 5th Street Office Space for Rent
109 South 5th Street NYC


This Brooklyn private office within the Williamsburg region along South 5th Street is perfect for entrepreneurs and small business owners who need a business office. Desks here cost $750 per person. 

4. Private office with a view of the metro

Office space for rent at 11 Park Place WeWork USA
11 Park Place, New York City


If you prefer big glass windows that give you a view of the entire city, you’ll find this single private office at 11 Park Place appealing. You can also see the World Trade Center from your office window. You can rent this office for $980 per person.

5. Small private office on Wall Street

110 Wall Street NYC WeWork
110 Wall Street


Looking for an office in the hub of the Financial District?  This 110 Wall Street private office located along Wall Street is a great option. Although a bit pricier at $890 per person, the prime location and amenities make the office worth its price.

6. Dainty private office within the Midtown East region

12 East 49th Street
12 East 49th Street


There are private offices for lease at 12 East 49th Street that are ideal for small to mid-size teams. Smaller private office are also available for remote workers, artists, and entrepreneurs who like to work alone. Desks here cost $1,070 per person.

7. Small but mighty private workspace within the New York City region

127 West 30th Street
127 West 30th Street NYC


Check out this NYC private workspace rental at 127 West 30th Street, which starts at $360/desk, demonstrating that working off-site is within nearly every budget’s reach.

8. Chic office space within the Midtown region

1330 Avenue of the Americas Servcorp
1330 Avenue of the Americas


This office at 1330 Avenue of the Americas is aesthetically pleasing, thanks to its modern decor and natural light infusion. The space is furnished with essentials on hand, so you always have what you need.

9. Luminous office in the Williamsburg region

134 North 4th Street
134 North 4th Street


If you’re looking for a relaxed atmosphere with a rooftop area to chill in during your break, this office space is one of the best in New York City. This private office at 134 North 4th Street is a versatile space that can be used for a variety of work purposes. Desks here start at $1,010 per desk.

10. Spacious modern space in 135 East and 57th Street

135 East 57th Street
135 East 57th Street


This dazzling modern working office on 135 East and 57th Street Midtown East should be perfect for freelancers and solo workers.

11. Flexible office space

135 West 41st Street
135 West 41st Street


This solo coworking space at 135 W 41st St puts you in the center of the action. This stunning private office beside Theater District and Bryant Park allows you to enjoy the best of what New York has to offer.

12. Quiet Madison Avenue office

136 Madison Avenue
136 Madison Avenue


If you’re looking for a quiet corner to do your job or manage your business, this office at 136 Madison Avenue is a great option.

13. Sleek modern office at 142 West 57th Street 

142 West 57th Street
142 West 57th Street


This sleek, sterile design of a modern office at 142 West 57th Street just screams efficiency. Desks here cost $1,100/per person.

14. Flexible private office at Broadway

1460 Broadway WeWork
1460 Broadway NYC


This private office at 1460 Broadway within the Times Square region incorporates more collaborative spaces, like meeting rooms and open plan layouts.

15. Dainty private office at Times Square

1619 Broadway NYC
1619 Broadway NYC


If you’re looking for an office with plenty of natural light and places to collaborate, check out this small office at 1619 Broadway.

16. Affordable and practical office space on Broadway

165 Broadway NYC
165 Broadway NYC


Looking to give your employees the freedom to move around and work in different spaces? This private office on 165 Broad Way allows you to be more productive and happy.

17. Hip Broadway private office

1740 Broadway NYC
1740 Broadway NYC


This awesome private office space on 1740 Broadway can help you save on office space, where you can be in a more comfortable and relaxed environment.

18. Sunny Brooklyn office

195 Montague Street NYC
195 Montague Street NYC


This small office at 195 Montague Street with plenty of natural sunlight and has an amazing view of Brooklyn Heights costs $750/desk.

19. Private office space in the TriBeCa region

200 Broadway Floor 2 NYC


If you need a quiet small office in theTriBeCa region, this private office at 200 Broadway Floor 2 is perfect for the job.

20. Multipurpose office space within the Midtown East region

205 East 42nd Street
205 East 42nd Street


Whether you want a single desk or a shared office, this private office at 205 East 42nd Street has all you need.


Did not find what you’re looking for? Chat with us now and we’ll show you all the best deals in NYC based on your office space requirements. Alternatively, you may view our map our check out our NYC office space locations here.

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