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5 Best Office Spaces You Can Rent or Lease Today

Since every business is different, the best office space for your company will depend on various factors. If you’re planning to lease a traditional office space, you’ll want to speak with a local commercial real estate agent to understand your options.

However, if you need small office space for rent that’s available instantly and offers amazing flexibility, affordability with cheap office space for rent, and options for every type of business, shared office space is going to be your best bet. (ALSO READ: Coworking Space Market Report 2022-2023)

Below, we’re sharing the best office spaces for rent from the top 5 coworking companies in the US that every business owner should look into.

WeWork and Distrii offer different opportunities to their members


If you’ve ever inquired about coworking spaces, you’ve likely heard of WeWork. This company boasts over 800 locations worldwide making it an incredible option for companies all over the globe and offers workplace solutions from desks by the hour to entire office floors.

That means everyone from digital nomads who want to pop in and out as they please to huge enterprises with over 100 employees can rent office space at WeWork.

WeWork gives you access to amenities such as wellness rooms, event space, showers, recreational games, conference rooms, on-site staff, unique common areas, private phone booths, business-class printers, professional events and programming, and more.

Not to mention, every WeWork has its own unique aesthetic that’s expertly designed and purposefully executed to boost productivity and allow you to work from and welcome clients to a stunning space that you’d never guess is actually cheap office space for rent.

In almost every major city on the planet, you can find a WeWork location where you can bring your team, work on a solo project, and have everything you could need for the perfect workday. 


With hundreds of international locations, Regus offers large and small office space for rent, coworking options, virtual offices, and meeting room rentals for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Fully furnished and with all the business amenities you need to have a successful workday, Regus offers professionalism and flexibility with its workspace solutions.

Regus also has partnerships with other coworking spaces and gives businesses a global network, perfect if your company employs international employees or needs various office spaces around the world.

With flexible lease terms and opportunities to scale your office space or move it to another location completely, you’ll have all the essentials ready for you when you secure office space at Regus.

Regus office spaces for rent


Industrious is another premium coworking space that has flexible office space for rent with more than 100 locations across the US and multiple spots internationally as well.

With incredible amenities and options for individuals, small teams, and large enterprises, it’s definitely an office space option that every kind of company should look into.

One of the most unique options available at Industrious is their Canvas product. Within an Industrious coworking space, your business can get a private or standalone suite completely customized to match your brand identity. It’s like having a traditional office space with all the business amenities and community opportunities offered by shared office space.

With everything you could ever need from conference rooms and phone booths to unlimited coffee and color printing, Industrious can give any team a gorgeous yet cheap office space for rent that’s much more affordable than your typical corporate office.


With office space, coworking memberships, and meeting rooms in over 400 locations internationally, Spaces is another shared office space for rent that companies can take advantage of.

Entrepreneurs and remote employees can reserve a dedicated desk that’s always ready and waiting, while small teams and growing businesses can rent private office space and meeting rooms with flexible leases. Long story short, there’s a way to work at Spaces for any type of company.

Again, you’ll have access to all kinds of amenities including 24/7 access, a Business Club, locker space, discounts on partner services, outdoor areas, networking events, and high-speed wifi, to name a few.

When you work from a Spaces location, your team will be able to focus and collaborate with one another and if you’re an entrepreneur or business owner, you can network and get all the perks of office space while renting only the amount of space you need.

Serendipity Labs

With countless locations all across the country, Serendipity Labs is another fantastic shared office space for rent in the US. Most companies will probably opt to rent private offices and team rooms, but they also offer coworking memberships, drop-in passes, and meeting room rentals if you work on your own.

One of the best things about Serendipity Labs is that not all of their locations are in the downtown areas of America’s biggest cities. Sure, there are some but many of their office spaces are in suburbs and smaller towns, perfect for setting up shop in your local area.

You’ll get 24/7 access, guest reception and on-site concierge, secure internet, customizability, conference rooms, hospitality staff availability, and complimentary coffee and snacks.

What type of office space suits your needs?

Office space is a building or a designated area within a building that’s used specifically for business purposes. But with the ever-changing work landscape, knowing exactly what an office space entails and knowing whether or not you really need one is an interesting consideration.

The main purpose of having a physical office for your team is to create a work-focused environment where your team can be together, working toward a single goal with fewer distractions and with everything you need to get the job done efficiently.

Office spaces have specific tools and resources based on the type of work that’s done there and it’s often designed to foster collaboration and open communication among team members.

In short, office space is where companies can set up their headquarters, come together as a group with the same aim, and get in a better mindset to work. 

However, these days, the need for office space isn’t always clear. Especially if your company works with a team of remote workers or freelancers, the huge overhead costs of leasing office space may not make a whole lot of sense.

Still, it doesn’t mean that office space isn’t beneficial. But before we dive deeper into the benefits of office space, let’s first explore some of the different types of office spaces.

Traditional Office Space

Most of us have probably worked in a traditional office space at one time or another. They’re often lined with cubicles or private rooms, perhaps with a separate conference room, a kitchen area, and break space.

Each office space is usually dedicated to a specific company. The receptionist welcomes you in, everything is decorated to match the company’s brand aesthetic, and you might notice a particular dress code worn by all the employees.

All kinds of businesses use office space, from dentists to real estate agents to tech conglomerates. It’s a place where everyone who works for that company comes in at 9 am, works from their designated desk or room, and has lunch in the company break room.

There, you’ll find printers and copiers, extra pens and staplers, and have water-cooler chats, all making up the quintessential American workday. Long story short, traditional office space is what you see throughout popular culture in shows like Mad Men or The Office.

Traditional office space might take up a single room in a larger building or it could span multiple floors of a skyscraper. But, what all traditional office spaces have in common is that, for employees, things pretty much stay the same, day in and day out.

Shared Office Space

A new development in the world of office space is known as shared office space or coworking spaces. These types of workplaces offer flexible, convenient, and dynamic ways to operate your business from a fully functioning office space that you share with others.

For freelancers, entrepreneurs, and companies that support remote workers, it’s the best of both worlds, offering all the amenities of a traditional office space like meeting rooms and free coffee but with more flexibility to work in a way that’s best for you.

Shared office space allows you to rent only what you need, whether that be a single desk, a private office, or just a few hours in a conference room to give a professional presentation. Not to mention, the majority of shared offices spaces come fully furnished. So, you won’t have to worry about buying office furniture or even supplies when you use shared office space.

You’ll be working alongside people from all walks of life. The point is, in a shared office space, you don’t need to be working for the same company or on the same project to use the same space. Everyone’s doing their own thing, sharing the amenities and using the space in a way that makes sense to them.

Whether you rent shared office space on your own or you bring your small team to work there together, shared office space is becoming more and more common and seems to be the future of the way most companies do their best work.

Home Office Space

Recently, home office space has also become a typical place to work. Our post-pandemic lifestyles are more open than ever to flexible work options that allow employees to work from home, either full-time or a few days a week, and have given rise to fully digital workplaces.

Now, many people prefer to work from their home office space where they can be with their young children, do some chores on their work breaks, and create a better overall work/life balance.

By transforming a room in their house into a home office space, more and more people are finding ways to be productive and get their work done more efficiently while improving their home life in the process. 

Most home offices won’t have all the amenities you’ll find at a traditional or shared office space, but you’ll avoid any kind of commute and have the comforts of home with a home office space. And for some, these benefits outweigh any potential downsides.

Common Questions About Office Spaces

  • What are the benefits of an office space?

    • Teamwork and collaboration where staff members can instantly communicate with each other and focus on a collective aim.
    • Accountability and productivity offering subtle cues that tell your brain it’s time to get to work.
    • Credibility and professionalism by having a business address that’s separate from your residential living space.

  • Who are the top providers of office spaces in the USA?

    At any given time, there may be countless office spaces for rent in your local area. However, it may be difficult to come across the perfect one in the right location.

    If you’re looking for fully furnished, cheap office space for rent, shared office space is the way to go. The best office spaces for rent in the US include coworking spaces such as WeWork, Industrious, Spaces, Serendipity Labs, and Regus.

Reasons to get an office space for your business

Looking for office space for rent and lease? Not sure if it’s worth it to try and find an affordable office space for rent? Wondering about the best small office space for rent in your area?

In some ways, office spaces have a negative connotation. With the advent of startup culture that prioritizes flexible, fun workspaces and digital nomadism becoming more popular, it makes sense that some companies would question whether office space is even necessary.

After all, if all you need to run a business is a laptop and access to the internet, are the benefits of office space ultimately outdated?

Well, as many of us have come to realize after either working from home or freelancing from cafes, there are countless benefits of working from an office space. From boosting productivity to getting much-need social interaction, the perks of office space are many.

Whether you opt for a traditional office space, serviced office or shared office space, here are a few of the main benefits of getting out of the house and using a workspace.

Teamwork and Collaboration

When your team gathers together, it’s much easier to collaborate as communication is simple and there’s a lower chance of confusion. 

Sure, Zoom meetings and emails can certainly be effective, but when you use office space, you can quickly ask questions and get immediate answers, bounce ideas off one another, and have the assurance that everyone’s on the same page.

Plus, when everyone’s in the same room working toward the same goal, there’s often a stronger sense of community which reaps its own rewards. It’s likely that your team will be more motivated to do the work when they know they’re not alone.

On the other hand, if you’re an entrepreneur or freelancer and you choose to work from a shared office space, you’ll get the opportunity to collaborate with others in your community. You never know… you could meet your next client or partner up with a fellow creative by operating from a shared office space versus staying at home.

Accountability and Productivity

While for some, working from home helps them to maximize their time, for most of us, home offices can be full of distractions. When you rent office space, you’ll feel more accountable to the rest of your team and it’s likely that you’ll be more productive as well.

The ritual of driving to work and sitting down at your desk can flip a switch in your mind to give you the cue that you’re there for the sole purpose of getting things done and nothing else. Sometimes, you just need an extra push to help you get your best work done.

This works whether you’re operating out of a traditional office space or a shared office space. 

In a traditional office space, you’ll feel more accountable to your team, your boss, or your colleagues. After all, you don’t want to be the only one dilly-dallying on your assignments. And in a shared office space, everyone around you will be in the productivity mindset which should, hopefully, help you get in that same mindset as well.

With the right amount of accountability offered in an office space, you’re much more likely to be productive with your time.

Credibility and Professionalism

Finally, office space gives your company credibility and authority with a professional business address and quality space to meet with clients, investors, and guests. Sure, some people are fine with welcoming colleagues and clients into their home office, but it’s always more professional to use a space that’s separate from where you live.

You’ll get instant credibility when your office space offers high-quality amenities, a streamlined design, and a place where everyone feels comfortable and able to talk business. This isn’t always the case when taking meetings from home or a cafe.

It’s still the case that most people trust a business more when they have a dedicated office space. So, it’s undeniable that a huge perk of having office space for your company is the credibility and authority it gives you and the professionalism it communicates.

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