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Renting a Private Office Space

If you’re looking for a private office for rent, you might have more options than you think. Gone are the days of leasing an entire office building just to be able to close the door and lock it behind you.

Now, if you want to get your work done from a private office, you can rent them individually thanks to coworking spaces offering private office space on a flexible basis. (ALSO READ: Coworking Space Market Report 2022-2023)

Here, we’re going over what exactly a private office entails, the benefits of working from private office space, and where you can find the best private office space for rent in the US, Australia, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.. Let’s get started!

Top 5 Best Private Offices for Rent Today

The best private office for rent is undoubtedly found within a premium shared office or coworking space. They allow you to lease a private office on its own without requiring you to pay for any more space than you absolutely need. Plus, they take care of the expertly designed furnishings and interiors, all the amenities you could want, and every business service you require from printing to notary.

Offering the best of both worlds with the privacy and personalization of a private office with the lively community and unbeatable amenities available from a coworking space, these are the best coworking spaces that offer private office space for rent in the US.

office space for rent or lease USA

Spaces USA Offices


Spaces has an incredible 400+ locations all around the world and offers workplace solutions for all kinds of businesses. From freelance graphic designers to tech startups to local small businesses, you can find a proper office space with Spaces.

In addition to its private office space for rent, Spaces also offers coworking memberships giving you access to their locations to find a workspace on a first-come, first-served basis. You can also reserve meeting rooms for conferences and presentations to help your business make a good impression on clients and potential investors. 

Spaces offers perfectly sized private office space for your businesses. Plus, everyone with a private office within a Spaces location has access to their Business Club and can come and go as they please 24/7. 

Contract terms are flexible too so you can rent private office space on a month-to-month basis or easily scale your business space by increasing your square footage hassle-free. 

With private office space for rent that’s tailored to you and all the amenities and services you’d expect from a premier coworking space, Spaces has it all.




WeWork is the biggest coworking company in the world with an insane 800+ locations globally and multiple spots in every major city you can think of. With pay-by-the-hour coworking memberships and rentals for entire office floors, there’s truly no business too big or small to work from a WeWork space.

Their standard offices hold one to 20 people, office suites hold 20 to 100 people, and entire office floors can accommodate hundreds of staff. 

A unique aspect of private office space for rent at WeWork is the fact that office suites and full-floor offices not only have access to the overall amenities within the space but also feature private amenities within the private office itself.

For example, your business can operate completely privately if you wanted to. You’ll get your own printers and scanners, state-of-the-art furnishings and meeting areas, options to have your own reception area, conference rooms, and executive suites. Essentially, you’ll get a fully-fledged top-tier office space with everything provided by WeWork.

These amazing features aren’t available when you lease traditional office space and with so many WeWork locations, it’s no wonder so many businesses use their space as their own private offices.




A private office for rent at Regus is fully serviced, fully furnished, and fully taken care of. You can rent office space for as little as a day or for years at a time. And by adding your personal touch, it’s the perfect workplace solution for many growing businesses.

Again, there are various ways to rent office space at one of Regus’s hundreds of worldwide locations. They offer Day Offices and an Office Membership where you have access to private office space on a more flexible basis.

They also offer Serviced Offices and Custom Offices. The difference is, a serviced office is turnkey and ready to go whenever you want to start a lease while on the other hand, custom offices are designed with your assistance. You’ll choose from a list of furniture, accessory, and storage options and have the opportunity to set up the office however works best for you.

Easily scalable with flexible lease terms, a private office for rent through Regus is an incredible office space solution.




If you’re looking into private office space for rent, Industrious has a variety of options. With locations all across the US and even a few overseas, Industrious is a shared office where you can rent a private office, get access to a private office for two or three days per week, or optimize a completely customized private office suite for your team.

With their unique Canvas option, you can get a private or standalone office space that’s completely customized to match your brand aesthetic. In this day and age, we’re all aware of how important brand recognition can be, and this type of fully customized private office space within the Industrious shared spaces is worth a lot.

Plus, you’ll have access to a variety of incredible amenities and services such as unlimited color printing, free coffee, conference rooms, and private phone booths. And with so many locations, it’s perfect for anyone who’s traveling a ton with flexible private office space that you can pop in and out of.

Industrious is design with stunning interiors and high-quality furnishings too and creates a space that helps you feel productive and excited to work.

serendipity labs coworking spaces in dallas
Serendipity Labs

Serendipity Labs


Finally, we have Serendipity Labs with hundreds of locations nationwide. They offer all kinds of private office space for rent as well as private team rooms to help with collaboration and brainstorming sessions.

Their private office space is fully lockable accommodates one to three people and comes with a desk and ergonomic chair, filing cabinets, hard-wired connections, and service upgrades available. Team rooms, on the other hand, accommodate up to 10 with similar amenities. 

When you use private office space at Serendipity Labs, you’ll also have access to the common areas with benefits like 24/7 access, full-service hospitality staff, guest reception and concierge, and free coffee and snacks. 

Plus, Serendipity Labs has locations outside of only big cities, taking this amazing private office space perks into smaller towns and suburban areas. All in all, it’s an incredible place to work in peace and privacy.

Reasons to rent a private office

Private office spaces for rent or lease

With remote work and digital nomads changing the conversation around office space in general, many people who work from home or in noisy cafes are noticing the benefits of using office space to be more productive, earn credibility for their business, and stay connected with others in their local communities. 

Beyond simply using office space, there are additional benefits to working from private office space, especially when you choose private office space for rent within a shared coworking space. Some of these benefits include (of course) privacy, but also security, reliability, access to facilities, amenities, and customization.


It’s obvious that one of the main benefits of securing a private office is privacy itself. Working in open coworking spaces is amazing for collaboration and feeling energized from all the creativity in the air. But, it can also zap your productivity and cause you to feel overwhelmed if you’re not in the right headspace.

Especially if you’re working on a confidential project or you simply work better without distractions or noise, a private office gives you the ability to close the door and get some much-needed privacy.


Private office space for rent within coworking spaces is lockable and secure. You can leave your computer, headphones, files, and anything else you use for work in your private office without having to lug everything back and forth like you would by only using an open coworking space.

Plus, with security systems in place and, in most cases, internal access doors only, you’ll have less to worry about when it comes to your office space being protected.


When you rent private office space, you can rely on it to be exactly how you left it the day before. Although coworking spaces have professional cleaning services to ensure that anywhere you choose to work is clean and tidy, it’s comforting to work from the same spot every day and especially nice to know you’ll have desk space at all.

When you work from a cafe or even when you’re “hot-desking” and trying to find a workspace on a first-come, first-served basis in an open coworking area, you can’t always rely on the best place to work. Private offices offer that kind of reliability.

Access to Facilities

When you choose a private office for rent within a coworking space, you’re only paying for the space you use. From there, you’ll have access to all the other necessary facilities like meeting rooms, break spaces, kitchens, showers, event space, outdoor areas… the list goes on.

Far superior to renting an entire office space complete with your own conference room or kitchenette, you can rent a private office on its own and get all the amenities included that you’ll share with the rest of the coworking space members.


Speaking of amenities, there’s so much more you’ll have access to when you get a private office for rent from a coworking space. In addition to the available facilities like conference rooms, breakout areas, and event spaces, you’ll essentially have everything you need to do your job well.

Most coworking spaces feature amenities such as unlimited coffee and tea, printing, scanning, and copying, on-site managers and concierge, guest reception, wellness rooms, fitness classes, networking events, and more.

So, you can work all day from your own private office and take breaks out in the open spaces with the freedom to use all the amenities provided. And it’s all included in your rent!


To help your business really stand out, your private office within coworking spaces is totally customizable. You can paint the walls, hang up your logo, and rearrange the furniture. It’s yours to make feel like home.

Some coworking spaces even offer custom fit-outs that allow you to completely tailor your space to work for your specific company. This kind of customization also improves your business’s credibility by giving you the chance to bring clients to a well-branded space that looks and feels like yours.

Types of Private Offices Spaces

private office spaces for rent or lease in the USA

A private office is a dedicated workspace situated within a room or building that’s off-limits to others. As opposed to a shared office where you’re working in the same room or at the same table as others, private offices offer a barrier between you and the outside world.

For many of us, peace and quiet are necessary to do our best work. It’s important to be able to shut the door, hold important conversations, and have the space to focus on our to-do list.

However, it’s also sometimes beneficial to collaborate with others and take breaks to socialize and network. So, it makes sense that many coworking spaces and shared offices would have private offices within these more community-centric workplace setups.

For example, most coworking spaces and hybrid workplaces offer private office space for rent within the more communal landscape. Therefore, individuals and businesses can get the best of both worlds: the privacy of their own office with the amenities of a serviced office space.

Additionally, the type of office space for rent that you might find within a larger coworking space includes small private offices, large office suites, and, in some cases, entire office floors.

Small Private Office

Small private office space for rent typically includes between one to three desks and chairs with a lockable door and perhaps a small amount of storage space in the form of a cabinet or drawers.

This size office typically works for freelancers, remote workers, entrepreneurs, and very small teams. The point of these small private offices is the fact that they’re private and you can close the door to the rest of the world. But, that doesn’t mean you’ll have a whole lot of space.

But, keep in mind that when you secure a small private office for rent within a larger coworking space, you have access to meeting rooms, break areas, and outdoor space as well. So, it might be perfectly feasible to use a small office space to work and do everything else in the common areas.

Large Office Suite

If you run a startup or a small business with a team of four to 20 people, a large office suite might be the private office space for rent you’ll need to look into. 

Again, many coworking spaces offer private office suites for company’s to set up their headquarters and work alongside their staff on the same project. These suites are also lockable with fully equipped desks, chairs, and storage areas. 

Plus, your team also still has access to all the amenities available through the larger coworking space even though office suites are certainly a lot more spacious than small private office spaces.

Entire Office Floor

At some of the bigger coworking spaces, you might even have access to entire office floors for rent. You’ll still technically be part of the coworking space you lease from, but you’ll get the entire floor to yourself.

This type of private office space is amazing for enterprises and larger companies accommodating over 100 employees. And again, your team will still have access to all the amenities and services provided by the coworking space at large.

Overall, there are many ways businesses can use private office space to make it work for them. The best part about private offices that are within a shared office space is that you can rent exactly what you need and nothing more and get the privacy you crave while still reaping all the benefits of using a coworking space at the same time.


  • What is a private office?

    A private office is a lockable workspace that offers privacy and security. Private office space can be a single room, an office suite to fit dozens of people, or an entire office floor or building. When you rent private office space within a shared office or coworking space, you also have access to shared amenities and services and, sometimes, also private amenities included.

  • What are the benefits of a private office?

    The benefits of working from a private office within a larger coworking space include privacy, security, reliability, access to facilities and amenities, and customization to build credibility and authority for your business.

  • What is the best private office for rent?

    The best private office for rent is available through some of the biggest coworking space companies in the world which include Spaces, WeWork, Regus, Industrious, and Serendipity Labs. 

    Keep in mind that coworking spaces are available all over the country from small and large companies. With flexible, private offices available at most shared office spaces, your local coworking spaces are worth looking into.

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