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Spanish tourism industry is one of the largest in the world. Their historical places, cultural monuments, and geographical positions all together have formed an excellent tourism environment. It is bordered by France, Andorra, the Mediterranean Sea, Bay of Biscay, Portugal, and the Atlantic Ocean. Its capital is Madrid. Another well known city in the country is Barcelona. Beach lovers will certainly enjoy travelling on the La Concha beach. Aqueduct of Segovia is a famous monument; its construction style will attract your eyes. The hanging houses in Cuenca will surprise you. San Sebastian is a small city on the north of the country. It’s well known for it’s cultural heritage.

Malaga, Spain

More Spanish Cities You Should Visit

If you are planning Spanish tour there are many cities you should visit. Malaga and Marbella are one of them. Both of this cities are located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and represent the hot spot during summer days. Take a part of the festivals in Valencia or enjoy the sun on beautiful long sandy Malvarrosa beach. Visit all historical and architectural places in Seville, it will leave you breathless for sure! Another popular destinations:

Find Short Stays During Your Tour of Spain

To enjoy party in Ibiza you can go there. For short stay, there are many short term rentals all over the Spain. You can visit the Alhambra or the Mosque of Cordoba to know the Muslim history of Spain. You can make your visit memorable by staying in a comfortable and affordable place. All the tourist spots have sufficient accommodation facilities. Many self-catering houses and villas are always prepared for the guests. In Spain you will get festivals like running in front of the bulls. To enjoy the festivals you can save money by hiring cheap but comfortable rooms or apartments with bed and breakfast facilities.

Apartment For Rent in Spain

Most of the places have many vacation rentals which are equipped with modern facilities. You need not to be worried to be disconnected from the modern world. You can hire a cheap room or a luxurious house depending on your financial ability.

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