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Make your vacation plans by finding an apartment to rent in Sorrento on this page. Here we have a selection of many short stay rentals which can be leased for a low price. The beauty of this is that the page is made so as to provide you with everything all in one place so you do not have to look for additional information or browse numerous sites on the net.


Apartment for rent in Sorrento

Studio apartment for rent in Sorrento – from €80 per night.


Short Term Accommodation in Sorrento – Info

Make your vacation to Sorrento, one of the prime holiday break spots of Italy, both amusing and cheap. You can do so by staying with or leasing their private rentals from the people from this very city. Many people are now turning to private accommodation renting being that it is cheap and allows you to lease what you want instead of a mere hotel room where each one of them provides the same conditions. You will have the opportunity to rent a studio which is furnished in the Italian traditional design and which will allow you to feel a bit of the atmosphere and the culture of this region as well. Some apartments come with an included two bedrooms or double bed areas, which allows for more people to sleep in. as the need for the basic appliances in a household rises so have the hosts given their best to include as many useful amenities as they could.


Rent an apartment in Sorrento

Rent an apartment in Sorrento – from €165 per night.


For instance there are many kitchens which include a stove, a cooker, a toaster and a microwave allowing you to prepare whole meals or carry on meals. Many flats and housings come with an included internet connection while the ones which are modernly furnished have entertainment systems like TVs with cable, stereo systems and such. You can also spend a wonderful family vacation in Sorrento. A cool a serene atmosphere of the city is very interesting for the whole family to enjoy. There are many holiday homes which might serve this purpose and will come furnished with all the necessary amenities. We saved the best for last and those are the short term villas of Sorrento. There are several of them listed and all provide a nice and pleasurable stay and include the best services of all of the accommodations listed here.


Some of private owners will provide you with a parking space together with a temporary accommodation. Most of apartments in Sorrento are with terrace and houses often have a balcony. If your dog is travel with you, please first check if pets are allowed in a flat you want to lease.


About Sorrento

Sorrento is a town, or rather a commune, in the Campania region of southern Italy. It is known as a popular tourist destination of the country being visited by most locals and many foreigners as well. The closest towns are Naples and Pompeii. It position is more closely in the Bay of Naples just off the Sorrentine Peninsula. From the town you have a great view of Naples itself and Vesuvius, while glimpses of the Isle of Capri can be seen as well. The Roman name for the city was Surrentum, and although founded by the Romans it kept close ties with the Greeks. It kept its numerous ties to both cultures as they can be seen today in the architecture and landmarks of the city.


Sorrento, Italy

Sorrento, Italy


The main sites and landmarks of the city are Marina Grande, the bigger port of Sorrento, Marina Piccola, the smaller of the two ports, Piazza Tasso, the central part of Sorrento, Via San Cesareo, the main street where many people can do their shopping, Museum Correale, a museum which includes large archeological finds, Cathedral of Sorrento, dating back to the 14th century, Church of Santi Felice e Baccolo, the Monastery of St. Francesco and the Roman ruins at the Punta del Cap.


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