Apartments For Rent in St. Petersburg, FL

Here you can find the list of short term rentals in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Many locals who are looking to rent out their properties to travelers are ready to host you. Browse through the list of these temporary accommodations and book one today!


St Petersburg Rental

Beautiful Bungalow on Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, FL; from $74 per night!


Apartments For Rent in Saint Petersburg, FL

Besides being a great place to visit, St Petersburg, Florida is a place where you have the opportunity to rent some great short term rentals as well. With more than six hundred available places to stay here there is a wide array of types to choose from, and also some unique ones besides the basic ones. Holiday apartments in St. Petersburg are very popular here because people often like to come here on a vacation. Besides the domestic visitors, more and more foreign ones are joining in the fun as well. The sunny Florida offers you place which are located by the sea or near water along the pears and on the beaches. This is the advantage that St Petersburg has opposed to other locations and that is a great number of vacation rentals which are by the water and have a great view as well. The landlords, who own these private homes, are people from the area and are very excited when it comes to entertaining guests, so you will be very well received and welcomed and you will see that if you try to rent a shared let.


If you cannot find a place near the beach, because these condos are the most popular ones and get rented quickly, you can find a place which has been equipped with a private swimming pool by the owner. On the other hand, St Petersburg, Florida offers some basic holiday homes, like flats and apartments which are situated in the central part of the city or in urban areas and modern whole houses to rent in suburban areas. But as we already mentioned, here you have the opportunity to find some unique rentals like a boat to stay on. There are several boats docked on the pears that can use as temporary homes. Studios for rent in St. Petersburg also come equipped with basic amenities as flats and houses are but you get a chance to enjoy a unique vacation in St Petersburg. The cost of renting a boat is between a 100 euros and a 150 euros, all depending of the size of the boat and the services it offers.


St Petersburg Apartment

Waterfront Townhome – Guest Room in St Petersburg, FL; from $59 per night!


Getting ready to go for a vacation in Saint Petersburg? Then you must be worried about having an affordable self-catering accommodation here in this city. Having a place to stay with cheap price but high quality services is it seems quite contradictory. Here you will find quality short stays in St. Petersburg, FL, available for rent in this city which will cost you lower than the usual hotels, but will provide you with some high quality stay. These include some well maintained and superbly furnished studios as well as holiday houses with private rooms.You can also avail a few of those modern villas .


Nightly and weekly condos give you the ample chances to stay here in the city of Saint Petersburg at your will, without any worries about the rent. Short term lets in St. Petersburg are getting popular with each passing day, as the hotels are getting expensive and out of affordable range. Properties that you will find on our website have one, two, three bedrooms which is great if you travel with your family or a big group. There are a few more reasons behind this, including that the hotel rooms doesn’t have that kind of homely feeling which is provided by these vacation rentals. All guesthouses in St. Petersburg, FL,are advertised by their owners. Owners are local people and they will be happy to have you as a guest.


Apartment in in Saint Petersburg, FL

Apartment in in Saint Petersburg, FL – from $80 per night!


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What You Should Know About Saint Petersburg?

A large city in the state of Florida, the city of St. Petersburg is a popular holiday destination for international tourists. Located on a peninsula between Tampa bay and the Gulf of Mexico, the city has an awesome climate throughout the year. St. Petersburg pier is a popular spot for tourists. Boyd Hill nature park is for those who love nature.


St Petersburg, Florida

St. Petersburg – View from the Ocean


Don’t Miss To Visit Museums, Galleries…

You can enjoy in cultural life in St. Petersburg and its fabulous museums and art galleries. Here are some of them:

  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • The St. Petersburg Museum of History
  • Holocaust Museum
  • Salvador Dali Museum
  • The Mahaffey Theater complex
  • American Stage
  • The Coliseum
  • Palladium Theatre
  • Midtown Royal Theater