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On this page you will find a great list of short term rentals in Nantes, France, located all over the city. Save your money and rent one of affordable short stay apartments, villas, houses or private rooms.

Known for its strong historical background during the Napoleon era, Nantes is the capital of the region of Pays de la Loire. Brittany is just a few miles away from the city of Nantes. It was a popular and one of the most important ports of France in the past, and grew rich due to the trade that made its way through the same. Don’t forget to book a temporary rental before you come, as you may find it difficult to have one after your arrival. We have the perfect solution for this problem. Our website has a dedicated section for online booking of the cheap accommodation for your short stay in Nantes.

Cozy apartment with terrace in Nantes;from $70 per night!

Cozy apartment with terrace in Nantes;from $70 per night!

You can avail a vacation rental near the old port area, as it will cost you less. Holiday apartments with us won’t make you spend too much over them, as we provide affordable rates to make your vacation more of fun than worrying about the funds.We provide some quality accommodations, even in the form of self catering apartments, holiday villas, houses or rooms which will make your visit a pleasant one. A total package of bed and breakfast is included while you are booking one of the furnished villas or apartments from us for rent.

Short term rental in Nantes center; from $77 per night!

Apartment for rent in Nantes center; from $77 per night!

There is much to see in this French city as well, like the Place du Commerce and Place du Bouffay. The first is the centre of the city, with all sorts of posh shops on both sides of the street. On the other hand, Place du Bouffay is known for some superb restaurants and good quality foreign food. Another attraction of Nantes is the Ile de Versailles, an island over the river Erdre, which is in fact a Japanese garden.

The Great Elephant, Nantes

You can spend a few hours of leisure, relaxing under the trees and bushes. The former port is also a place of interest for tourists. The city is famous for its torrential rains and tempests that appear without any warning. So, it is advised you take up raincoats and umbrellas in your luggage.

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