Private Apartments For Rent in Nantes

On this page you will find a list of short term rentals in Nantes, France, located all over the city. Save your money and rent one of various affordable short term stays in this French town. The page gives you an option which will, besides saving your money, grant you a very memorable stay in Nantes.


Cozy apartment with terrace in Nantes;from $70 per night!

Cozy apartment with terrace in Nantes;from 50 EUR per night!


Private Rentals in Nantes – Information

Nantes attracts various types of tourists and visitors annually, and while the majority come to experience the cultural and architectural heritage of the city there are many who come here for the sheer fun of it. In order to indulge all target groups, this page was made with various offers of different short term stays. There are all privately owned accommodation rentals and are located in various places of the city and perfect for various types of visits. Since most people come to see the sites of Nantes, we recommend for those people to check out some flats or serviced apartments. They can bot serve smaller groups and some may even be used for larger groups since they include double bedrooms. Business trips to Nantes, France are now easier to arrange since you can stay in some of these apartments rentals. Maybe the cheapest way to spend your stay here would be by renting a private room or staying with a host and sharing the housing.


It is great for short stays and will certainly allow you to rest and also get some needed work done, if needs be of course. But for those who want a bit more luxurious stay, there are self catering accommodation which include an air conditioning system, Wi-Fi internet and give you all the privacy in the world to enjoy during your stay. Nantes has also a variety of holiday homes available for you to look at and rent. They are bigger and larger temporary homes which can be used for the purpose of a family visit or other larger groups in general. The biggest advantage with them, besides space, is the wholesome atmosphere each of them provides. You will feel right at home in these large vacation rentals and be able to prepare a meal in the fully furnished kitchen each one of them has or enjoy a relaxing afternoon in a garden that some of them are equipped with.


Short term rental in Nantes center; from $77 per night!

Apartment for rent in Nantes center; from 55 EUR per day!


Location of Short Stay Apartments

Since Nantes provides a cultural haven for visitors it is very important to find a place suitable for you expedition. For instance, the best place to stay in Nantes, France would be at its very city center. There you will be able to rent some wonderful studio and see all the available landmarks which Nantes has to offer. The Castle of the Dukes of Brittany is the most famous landmark of the city and in its nearest vicinity you can rent one of  short stay apartments for a very affordable price. Being that the city is considered as one of the major port towns of France, around the marina one can find some really well-furnished short lets. Luxurious villas and holiday homes with a great view are a real bargain in that area.


The Great Elephant, Nantes

The Great Elephant, Nantes


Price of Accommodation in Nantes

Speaking of a bargain, the whole concept of renting from a private owner is considered a bargain. That is why all of the given temporary accommodations on this page are very cheap. A flat will cost you some 50 euros. Serviced apartments are priced up to 100 euros, but they can account for various ways of use. Larger whole houses to rent can be leased for 120 to 150 while the most luxurious places cost about 200 euros a night.


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