Short Term Rentals in Kyoto

Have a look at some private accommodation in Kyoto, Japan on this page and use the special offer which is given. The accommodations listed here are special in ways that they offer bargain places to stay in this city and incredible convenient circumstances. All the info about renting them can be found here and you will do it in just a few minutes in a couple of clicks of a mouse.


Short Term Accommodation in Kyoto


Kyoto short term rental


A city as incredible as Kyoto is attracts various people from the continent as well as from various parts of the world. Being one of the more entertaining of the Japanese cities and a place which many foreign tourists like to visit, this page makes it a lot easier for you to stay in. By gathering info and making it available all at one place the page offers various different short term rentals in Kyoto, Japan where the visitors can stay. The rentals are owned by people from the city and their private housings are arranged so they could make any type of person feel great staying here. You can rent a shared accommodation as well and stay with your landlord, but enjoy the privacy of a private room. On the other hand, there are accommodation rentals which can be booked just for you and your friends and the landlord will pay official visits to you.


Whichever choice you make the end result that it appeals to your private needs. This cannot be achieved by staying in a hotel. Apartments which appeal to your taste and standards are what the page offers for everyone who wishes to visit Kyoto, Japan. Lease a flat or a newly furnished and entirely modern studio for yourself or for two people. Smaller groups may enjoy the comfort of a serviced apartment as they are places which have enough space and can provide a favorable amount of comfort to up to five people. On the other hand, if the party you are coming has more members, the best thing for you would be booking a holiday home. There are entire homes to rent or even penthouses in Kyoto which include more bedrooms and a range of modern amenities which you will no doubt enjoy. Keep an eye also on some additional offers which the hosts include, because a lot of the landlords have a bed and breakfast service which many people look for while other include parking services or pickup services as well.


Vacation Rentals


Kyoto vacation rental


Location can mean everything while you are on a vacation. Some people decide on renting their self-catering apartments solely by deciding based on the location a flat is situate in. finding a perfect location in Kyoto can be equally demanding. Maybe the best choice would be finding a vacation rental in the very center of Kyoto, since a central location is always to first to look for. The Shijo Omiya district is also one to keep an eye for since there one can find some wonderful studios to let. The Shimogyo ward and the Higashiyama ward are among the more popular ones for tourists in the city and because of that reason you are able to find some nice large rentals there and fully furnished temporary housings to book. If you are on the budget, you may stay in Kyoto by leasing shared places to stay in the Yamanouchi district.


Homes to Rent in Kyoto – Prices


Kyoto apartment for rent


As these private homes for rent in Kyoto, Japan are truly some of the cheapest apartment accommodations out there here is a brief summary of the prices. The cheapest late rooms are priced at 30 euros a night, leasing some places which are bigger and are better furnished will need that you pay around 50 euros a night. As the need for a smaller group immediately means better conditions, those kind of places can be leased at around 80 to 100 euros a night. Serviced apartment with favorable sleeping arrangements are priced between 120 and 150 euros a night. If you are aiming to stay a bit longer and plan to bring your family with you, we recommend you try some holiday homes which are priced up to 200 euros a night. The most modern and also the most luxurious short stay rentals are priced up to 300 euros a night and truly give a unique experience when it comes to these types of leases.


About Kyoto

Kyoto is a well-known city in Japan, located some 315 miles away in the southwest from Tokyo. It was the capital of Japan for about 1,100 years of its existence. The city is best known for its great temples, beautiful gardens and art works. And as for the fans of video games are concerned, they will recognize this city as being the home of Nintendo. The great temples and pagodas give a part in increasing the beauty. It should be known that the city has both the natural places and the modern stuff to visit. There are various shopping malls which can be visited side by side. Kyoto is surrounded by hills. It has many Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines. It is expected for a tourist to visit for at least 4-5 days during vacation to cover all the places in the city. It is also recognized for being the educational and economical center of the region.


Some 30 and more educational facilities are located here, like the Kyoto University, which is one of the top ranked universities in the country. You will undoubtedly also enjoy seeing the UNESCO World Heritage Site Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto which includes 17 locations in and around the city. There are historical temples, monuments and landmarks from ancient periods reminding the visitors and the locals about the rich culture and an enormous power this city once represented.


Find your unique apartment lease in Kyoto, Japan just by simply clicking on the “SEARCH” button located on the page. Find out everything you need to know about leasing them before you book one and also enjoy your stay here.




Seikoro Ryokan
From 34200 JPY
Syoenso Hozukawatei
From 30300 JPY