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On this page you can see and compare hundreds of short term rentals in Jacksonville, Florida. All private apartments and rooms you can find here are owned by local people. Click on the Show All Rentals button and book your temporary accommodation in Jacksonville right now!

Historic Bungalow Riverside in Jacksonville, FL;  from $80 per night!

Historic Bungalow Riverside in Jacksonville, FL. From $80 per night!

Check out a wide range of short lets in Jacksonville, FL. Find affordable laterooms or furnished houses for larger groups. The privately owned short stays available for rent in Jacksonville include self-catering villas with swimming pools and flats, which you can avail for cheap prices. The hotel rooms and suits usually burn a big hole in your wallet, which these kinds of short term leases do not. You can even take one of those nightly and weekly apartments available to lease, if you have plan to stay here in Jacksonville for a day or even for a whole week. Private studios for your city break in Jacksonville provide bed and breakfast services, which means you are having the most affordable rates for the most luxurious stay.

Room for Rent in Historic Springfield, Jacksonville, FL; from $40 per night!

Room for Rent in Historic Springfield, Jacksonville, FL; from $40 per night!

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Jacksonville Information

The city of Jacksonville, Florida is actually the largest, as per the total area covered, in USA, and thus has a good amount of people residing in the city limits. The city is situated o the northeastern part of Florida, on the Atlantic coast. There are a couple of historically important cites as well as a few of those museums on various themes to visit in Jacksonville.

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