Short Term Rentals in Hamburg

Welcome to the page about short term rentals in Hamburg, Germany. Our selection of privately owned apartments and rooms are the best on the internet. Here you will find more than thousand short stays listed by people in the city.


Apartments For Rent in Hamburg – Basic Info

Making an arrangement for your stay in Hamburg, Germany on this page is very easy and utterly convenient. Online booking is, generally speaking, become an everyday event in this modern era, and besides saving you time it allows for much better choice selection. But in order to efficiently book your stay you need a reliable place to rent your accommodations and one which also offers better conditions than the others. The greatest convenience this page offers you in terms of private accommodation renting is that you will have all neatly arranged in one place and also have a larger variety of choices than you would when it comes to renting in a hotel or on various single sites. Here we have an offered comprised of several hundreds of apartments to rent situated in different locations in the city of Hamburg.


Beautiful apartment in Hamburg with small garden; from $42 per night!

Beautiful apartment to rent in Hamburg with a small garden. From 34 EUR per night!


A freedom of choice like nowhere other topped off with the quality which is expected of a short term stay. The landlords who offer these apartments for rent have a standard to preserve and in that case offer the most luxurious and also the best furnished rooms for rent. There are some quite imaginatively arranged and with some very useful amenities. Many of the flats are quite appealing to the eye and also include some services which will help you enjoy your vacation to Hamburg more. A variety of hosts offer a bed and breakfast service while some will also include a cleaning service. Most of them include additional toiletries within your apartments, some extra towels and bed linen as well. Others will throw in free parking services, while the internet connection is free within each room. Also try out some bigger accommodations to rent like holiday homes or large vacation rentals. Predominantly meant for larger groups, they will also serve as a great family vacation home during your city break.


Short Term Rental In the Heart of Hamburg; from $68 per night!

Apartment to let In the Heart of Hamburg. From 55 EUR per day!


All self-catering accommodations in Hamburg listed here are furnished. That means you’ll have all amenities in your short term rental so you’ll feel like at home during your city break. We have dozens of available flats to let, so we are sure that everybody can find ideal accommodation on this page.


Prices of Apartment Renting in Hamburg

To give you a better perspective about the prices of apartment renting we can inform you that the accommodations found on this page in Hamburg are somewhere between 30 and 200 euros. You will get quite a bargain if you book apartments in Hamburg at a low price of 30 euros while some bigger holiday homes will cost you between 50 and 80 euros. Vacation rentals meant for larger groups are priced between 100 and 200 euros all depending on the size, location and the number of amenities of course.


Locations of Available Accommodations in Hamburg

The most favorable areas to lease your stay in Hamburg are the neighborhoods which comprise the central area of the city and the port area. There are some suburban parts where some very comfy leases can be found where the atmosphere is quite calm. Consider renting temporary housings in Allermöhe, Finkenwerder, Fuhlsbüttel, Eilbek, Groß Flottbek and many other areas which Hamburg provides.


Some Info About Hamburg

Hamburg is one of the largest cities of Germany and a major European port city as well. It has the second most largest population in the country and receives lots of tourists and people as well, mainly through the port that makes the city so famous. The port is also what has enabled the city’s economy to flourish during the years. It is also the place where some very important and interesting landmarks are situated like the churches of St. Nikolai and St. Petri and also the beautiful beachfront which many locals and foreign visitors like to visit. Hamburg has a lot to offer its visitors. A good starting point for your visit to Hamburg is the world famous St. Michaelis Church bell tower high above the city. The church is at locals known as Michel and the beautiful church has an impressive vaulted nave, three organs and a great view from the top of the tower. A view over the city is always useful, if only to get to orient properly! The area around the City Hall of Hamburg is beautiful and popular with tourists. Visit Hamburg at the weekend and maybe you’ll see. One of the strangest traditions of Hamburg People who celebrate their 30th birthday and not yet married are publicly by their friends for the town hall humiliated by letting sweep who are thrown! Intentionally beer caps.


The Alster Lake is not far from the city. It is one of the most picturesque parts of Hamburg and is popular with both tourists and locals. Take from the Alster lake cruise or a cruise down the many canals of Hamburg. You see on the lake during the summer beautiful sailboats and during winter the frozen lake a giant skating plain! For a beautiful view of Hamburg from the other side of the Elbe you have the famous Old Elbe Tunnel go. Big lifts take you deep underground and through a well-lit path you walk to the other side where you can enjoy. While enjoying a beer and sausage views. You will find the entrance of the tunnel with Steinwerder. If you have the chance to Hamburger Dom to see a big festival which is held three times a year, you should definitely go! The fair attracts 9 million visitors each year and always starts with a big parade. There are at the festival to find all sorts of rides including a Ferris wheel and beer tents. It is the longest festival in the region and lasts one month.


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