Apartments For Rent in Dublin – From €35/Night

The purpose of this page is to facilitate the travelers who are looking for short term rentals in Dublin, Ireland. Beside private rentals, here you’ll find some information about the city itself. More quicker, easier and certainly cheaper than any other way you have already tried before.


An enquire about accommodation in Dublin, Ireland can easily be made through this page. The page allows you to browse for diverse types of private rentals in Dublin which can be usable for various visiting purposes. It is not just the diversity which characterizes these rentals but also the number of people they can accommodate. Starting with apartments used for one or two people and all the way down to large whole housings to rent, which accommodate larger groups. Although these short term stays are primarily met for a stay of a few days, some of the hosts include an option of a longer stay within their offer. Certain apartments can be leased as long as a month and if you find them appealing and need to stay a bit longer, you may exercise that option as well. The page offer some of the best short stay places, all of which are close to parks and local transport services.


Apartments in Dublin

Apartment for rent in Dublin, from $65 per nigh


Dublin’s private rooms are favorable for people who are staying in the city for business or leisure purposes. Besides other advantages, renting holiday rentals allows you privacy and comfort like no other type of a rental that you may find here. Comfort is actually the key word here, as the hosts have gone to great lengths in order to furnish the offered flats to meet a high standard of quality. This is achieved with the inclusion of some very useful amenities. A kitchen, for instance, is a popular asked for choice as it allows you to prepare your own food during your stay. More so, the luxury vacation rentals in Dublin offer more of these amenities, enhancing the quality and the lifestyle of your stay. Some may include a pool, while other have a hot tub, decide on your priorities and rent the one which fits them.


Dublin Double Room

Double room for rent in Dublin, Ireland – from 43 EUR per night!


Additionally, deciding on a great location will also affect the standard of your stay. Find a flat in the center of the Dublin and enjoy the leisure of being in the center of all the happenings or, if you are for some peace and quiet, look up some of the short lets situated in the suburbs of the city or in more quieter locations. Dublin has a special offer of having various temporary homes which serve different purposes, short and long stays for a different number of people and all arranged in traditional Irish style.


Apartments Rates in Dublin

The fact which you will fancy the most about private housings is certainly their price. The knowledge of being able to find a flat in Dublin for just 30 euros is certainly interesting. Condos can be leased for 50 euros and some are even near the center of the city. Studios and other places to rent for couples or smaller groups are available for 100 euros a night. Larger places which are fit to accommodate whole groups or family rentals are between 100 and 200 euros a night. But for the most luxurious ones and the ones which offer the best services and exclusive amenities the price would be 250 euros and higher.


Where The Rentals Are Situated

A great location in Dublin may be finding a short stay in Beaumont or Kilmainham areas. The most popular one has to be the Merchants Quay neighborhood and the flats which you can rent in its vicinity are certainly the best. Rathmines East features whole housings to rent while Pembroke East has some wonderful studios.


More Info About Dublin

Dublin is the capital of the Republic of Ireland and is situated on the east coast of the island of Ireland in the province of Leinster on the shores of the River Liffey. Dublin was founded by Vikings as a settlement and later proclaimed as the Kingdom of Dublin during the Norman invasion.


It reached its height during the 17th century when it was the second largest city of the British isle. After the partition of Ireland, Dublin was proclaimed as the capital of the Irish Free State and later the Republic of Ireland, which title it bears till this day. Dublin is listed among the 30 highest rated global cities with a Alpha – ranking. It is characterized by having great natural beauty, beautiful historical and artistic architecture and high education facilities known all over the world. Among many popular sites of Dublin is the Dublin Castle, originally founded as a defense tower during the Norman Invasion in 1204. Recently Dublin has included some more modern landmarks in its offer, one of them is the Spire of Dublin also called the Monument of Light which stands as a mark of Dublin’s prosperity in the 21st century.
Pub in Dublin
The Trinity College holds one of Ireland’s greatest treasures, the Book of Kells which is kept preserved in the library and holds some of the greatest manuscripts which date back to 800 AD. Other landmarks include St Patrick’s Cathedral, the Molly Malone statue, the Custom House and many more.


The Baily Lighthouse, Dublin


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