Apartment Rentals in Cordoba, Argentina

This page will help you find short term rentals in Cordoba, Argentina. Through this site, we are offering our services to all the travelers in the world in order to pick out an accommodation that is most suitable for them.


Cordoba Apartment

Cordoba, apartment for rent. From $60 per nigh.


Short term leases in in Cordoba are becoming more and more popular among traveling tourists. Many of the tourists saw the advantages of temporary housing compared to hotels. Short lets in Cordoba are much cheaper and affordable that luxury hotels where you have to pay a fortune for just one night of stay. In studios you will have the same convenience as in a hotel but for much less money. You will also have the privilege to enjoy all of the amenities that private apartments have to offer. For your comfort, condos listed on this website are equipped with everything that a typical traveler might need when staying and resting in his or hers short stay place during their travels. Cable TV, wireless internet connection, heating and air conditioning are just some of the things that guesthouses have to offer.


You can also choose between different types of accommodations here in Cordoba. For example, you can choose between over a hundred different flats, holiday villas and over seventy different houses available for rent to stay in. You can also choose to rent an entire home if you happened to be traveling with your family or with a large group of friends, or rent a shared room and share it with the landlord or with a fellow traveler and save money in that way. Bed and breakfast service are also a convenience that our private owners also offer in their serviced condos. All vacation rentals are listed and owned by locals. You can rent their properties for your weekend break or any other short period of time. Most of self catering apartments we offer are located in the city centre, so you’ll be able to reach each part of the city pretty easy.


Cordoba room

Cordoba, room for rent. From $13 per night only.


In order too see a list of our available rentals, just click on the “Show all rentals” button on our site and you will receive a list of all the available accommodations in Cordoba, Argentina. Have a great vacation.


Learn More About Cordoba

Cordoba is a city located in the center of Argentina, about 700 km (435 mi) northwest of Buenos Aires. It is the main city of Cordoba Province and the very important city in Argentina. It is famous for its National University of Cordoba, the oldest university of the country and the second to be inaugurated in Latin America. Cordoba receives a lot of tourists due to its numerous historical sites. One of the most famous historical monuments in Cordoba are the buildings of the Roman Catholic Church, preserved from Spanish colonial rule. The most recognizable is probably the Jesuit Block, which was declared in 2000 as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Also, many festivals occur in Cordoba each year. One of the most fun festivals, for the local children at least, is the Carnival where traditionally children throw water balloons at each other on the street. There also the Friends Day, on 20 July, and Spring Day, held on 21 September.



Cordoba, Plaza San Martin