Apartments to Let in Belfast

The purpose of this page is to provide you with information on how to find short term rentals in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Here you will find a list of private rooms and apartments that can be rented for a city break. The compatibility of the page is its greatest aspect and it gives you everything arranged and served to you so you can finish your renting very quickly.


Private Flats in Belfast – Basic Info


Modern apartment for rent in Belfast; from $48 per night!

Modern apartment for rent in Belfast. From 38 EUR per night!


There are several types of private accommodations in Belfast, UK to choose from. Starting from small places to stay for a few days and ending up with very luxurious ones as well. The versatility of the offered rental types means that you have been given all the available options and it is up to you to decide the best one for you and choose it. For those travellers that are looking for cheap short stays in Belfast we have private rooms and bed and breakfasts. These are the basic types of lets offered here and, although small, provide the renter with a basic package for a stay of couple of days in Belfast. You will enjoy the comfort of your bed and a beautiful atmosphere provided by your host with several useful amenities which goes with the flat. An included breakfast is also an option which will be served to your room each morning.


A serviced apartment is also a very popular choice among the visitors of Belfast. Often used by couples or close friends, it’s a perfect late room for two or three people to stay and enjoy their vacation in Belfast. If you are coming in the city with a big family or with a lot of friends you should rent one of big apartments or houses. Unique spaces are always better choice than staying in hotel rooms! So, plan a weekend break in Belfast for a memorable holiday. Each flat for rent in Belfast is furnished and equipped with many amenities such as wireless internet, washer, hair dryer, additional towels and toiletries and more. If you decide to stay in one of our holiday homes while you are in Belfast you’ll also have a kitchen where you can prepare your own meals which the self-catering accommodations are furnished with, apartments with a private parking space or simply lets which include two or three bedrooms as well.


Victorian Home in Belfast with Titanic History; from $73 per night!

Victorian Home in Belfast with Titanic History. From 50 EUR per night!


Locations of Available Rentals

There are several favorable locations which the city of Belfast offers, after all a better location of your apartments may ultimately mean a better vacation. The central area, for example, of May Street is one of the more interesting ones. You can find studios to stay there or very comfortable flats. The Dublin Road is a bit far off the central area but is still considered as one of the better ones. There are actually some whole houses tor rent there and a holiday home in that area may make your vacation truly better. The Victoria Street and Oxford Street are high end area so of Belfast where a number of luxurious apartment rentals are located. Take a look at them and find a budget luxury condo or various late rooms situated there which are furnished with additional amenities and will include some very nice services to go with them as well.




Castle Square in Belfast

Castle Square in Belfast


The price is often considered as the greatest advantage of short stay accommodation. You are in a position to choose a variety of temporary housings in Belfast, UK for a price span of 30 to 150 euros per day. Flats are waiting for you at 30 to 40 euros a night. In Belfast you will be able to lease a private lease for two to three people for 60 to 80 euros. Whole homes for rent which are often used by families or visits can also be considered very affordable. These places to stay which offer the comfort of more bedrooms are priced somewhere around 100 euros a night. If you, on the other hand, value the level of comfort and luxury and want a state of the art and newly furnished place to stay in Belfast, there are villas at 150 euros a night for rent available.


Some Info About Belfast





Belfast is a well-known tourist destination in Northern Ireland, UK. The city has a number of exciting places as well as possessing the unique experience of the most beautiful scenic beauty of nature. Mesmerizing Victorian pubs and splendor historic architectural monuments are the two favorite attractions for visitors here. The place can offer great shopping areas for shopper lovers. Cave hill Country Park, culturlann macadam o fiaich, Ulster museum, Belfast cathedral, fern hill house, Belfast castle and many more are tourist interest places. The city has so much to offer that trip with friends and families can be surely planned. Even, couple who want to live in peace and romance can also have a great time when planning a holiday to Belfast.


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